Management and organisation

GreenMAR is run on a daily basis at CEES by the Coordinating Team made up of the project leaders (PI, Dr. Eikeset; co-PI, Prof. Stenseth), Administrative Research Coordinator (50% employment; Dr. Mazzarella), helped by the permanent CEES Administration. The CEES Administration consists of a staff of three research coordinators, an economist and an IT person.

A Board consisting of the node leaders will formulate the strategic plan, coordinate the teams' research, report efforts, and decide on the allocation of expenses within the frame of the budget. They will meet at least twice a year. Decisions will be made by the Board through a majority vote, with the PI holding the deciding vote when a majority is not achieved. Running of GreenMAR will be done in the very successful way that NorMER is governed.

A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will annually evaluate the Consortium performances, progress and future strategies. The SAB includes scientists at the forefront of international research, from different disciplines, and representatives from the industry, private sector as well as environmental organizations.

A Consortium Agreement will describe and detail the rights and obligations of all participants in GreenMAR. Each year the GreenMAR members will present their research on an Internal GreenMAR Symposium in front of invited guests. Participation will be mandatory and the SAB will be present to give feedback on the scientific progress of the centre. Several courses/workshops will also be arranged.

Students will be supervised by (at least) two senior scientists, and will follow a Personal Career Development Plan. The annual symposium will provide a forum for them to be assessed and get immediate feedback.

Published Mar. 28, 2017 1:44 PM