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The Institute of Economic Studies is an economic research institute within the Dep. of Economics at the University of Iceland in Reykjavík counting as members a number of prominent fisheries economists. The main ambition of IoES is to create a research environment characterized by high competence in economic analysis of international issues with special emphasis on policy analyses. In recent years, IoES has primarily been engaged in various research on resource utilization focusing on fisheries, environmental issues with a focus on climate change and regional development. In addition to taking part in domestic and international research projects, the Institute has served as an advisor to Icelandic and foreign authorities. Researchers at the University and members of the IoES team are domestic leaders in economic assessment of fisheries, have led national assessments of mitigation and adaptation possibilities in Iceland as well as advise the Icelandic Government on Green growth issues. The IoES has over the years worked closely with the Icelandic Marine Research Institute, the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Dept. of Environment and Life Sciences. IoES has a long working relationship with the former Ministry of Fisheries, the National Federation of Fishing Vessel Owners, various fishing companies in Iceland (Samherji, Visir Seafood), and numerous international organizations such as FAO. Their work has been geared towards improving the environmental and economic efficiency in the industry.
Name Description
Prof. Ragnar Arnason (node leader)
Focal areas include fishery economics and economic modeling. Recent research projects include the role of property rights in economic activity and growth, fisheries management on the basis of property rights including individual transferable quotas and community fishing rights, discarding of fish at sea, and the costs of fisheries management.
Ast. Prof. Brynhildur Davidsdottir (Research Cluster 6 leader and Nord-Star node leader) Working at the Dep. of Economics and Dep. of Environment and Life Sciences. Her specialities include ecological economics with a focus on green accounting and alternatives to GDP, dynamic modeling of industrial and environmental systems and assessment of climate policy as she led the Icelandic assessment of GHG mitigation potential and policies in Iceland.

Fredrik Salenius

PhD student at IoES studying the effects of climate variability and change on the ‘pelagic complex’ (Atlanto-Scandian herring, blue whiting and mackerel) in the Northeast Atlantic using bio-economic modeling. Socio-economic implications of changes in these fisheries are studied further for (i) Iceland in a general equilibrium framework, and (ii) in a multinational context by employing game theoretical tools.
Conor Byrne
PhD Student at IoES
Sigurður Eyberg PhD Student at IoES
Ast. Prof. Dadi Mar Kristofersson
Working on environmental and resource economics, climate economics, green accounting and economic modeling.
Dr. Gunnar Haraldson
Director of the Institute of Economic Studies and studies resource and fishery economics, and regional economic assessments.
Prof. Gudrun Marteinsdóttir (NorMER node leader)
Specializes in fish biology and ecology, population dynamics and climate impact on fish populations.
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