Industrial partner: HAVFISK ASA

HAVFISK ASA (formerly Aker Seafoods)'s activities are based on natural fish resources, harvest and selling the renewable resource from regulated fisheries. Havfisk is the leading trawl company in Norway and the third largest company in Europe. Havfisk operates 10 trawlers, holding 29.6 quotas for cod and haddock in the Norwegian waters and had in 2011, MNOK 863 in operating revenues. The company has 370 full-time employees, all located in Norway.
Name Description

Webjørn Barstad

Appointed CEO for Havfisk in January 2015. Barstad formerly managed operations at Strand Havfiske, and was earlier the head of department in the Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association (Fiskebåt). He was also an advisor in the Norwegian Fisherman's Association, and began his career within sales/production in the fishing company L. S. Larsen in Eftf. 1991. 
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