Name Description
Dr. Anne Maria Eikeset, GreenMAR PI
Dr. Eikeset works on how fishing and climate affects dynamics and life history evolution, and the socio-economic effects of these changes. She has been intimately involved with the development and running of several international collaborative projects (e.g., NorMER, ADMAR) including being the architect and PI of GreenMAR. She is leading one of the four work-packages in the Project "Adaptive management of living marine resources by integrating different data sources and key ecological processes" (ADMAR). Her main research interest is the interface between ecology, evolution and economics, and she works on this main theme along three main avenues: (i) The interplay between ecology and evolution, that is, eco-evolutionary dynamics (ii) Bioeconomics and how to manage common pool resources as such as commercial fish stocks, and (iii) biological and social complexity, for example how to derive optimal harvest control rules, and maintain and ensure resilient ecosystems against perturbations. For this work she uses a wide range of model tools, from time-series analysis to network models, inclusing some is computer-intensive models. All of this work has been very relevant for GreenMAR.
Dr. Anna Mazzarella
Scientific coordinator of GreenMAR.
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