Norwegian node II (Geo)

The second Norwegian node is at the Department of Geosciences and leads the NCoE on Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice (SVALI). The Department of Geosciences is leading SVALI with 17 Nordic partners and their Cryosphere research group has worked in the Arctic for more than 25 years. SVALI will contribute to GreenMAR through the Department of Geosciences.
Name Description
Professor Jon O. Hagen (node leader)
Leader of SVALI and has worked for more than 25 years on Svalbard with focus on mass balance of Arctic glacier.
Thorben Dunse Researcher in GreenMAR, working on glaciology.
Professor Andreas Kääb
A remote sensing specialist and also partner in SVALI. Kääb received an ERC grant starting in 2013 on global
ice mass changes based on remote sensing.
Associate professor Thomas V. Schuler Works on cryosphere modeling with main focus on modeling mass balance of glaciers.
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