Other Partners

Additional to researchers based at our Nodes, we collaborate with people from other universities and organizations. We have ongoing collaborations with the following people, as well as communications with various people at WWF Norway.


Name Description
Dr. Juan Bonachela
Juan Bonachela (University of Strathclyde, UK) works, in collaboration with A. M. Eikeset and S. Levin, on novel approaches to modelling the network of trophic interaction between fish species of ecological and commercial importance. These models include the dynamics of fishermen as well, comparing the potential ecological and evolutionary consequences of the different top-down pressures for fish in these important and delicate socio-ecological systems
Evelyn Strombom,
PhD Candidate
Evelyn Strombom (University of Minnesota, USA) works in collaboration with A.M. Eikeset and J. Watson on modeling fisher decision-making, sources of social uncertainty, and collective means of responding to risk and adapting to change across scales.
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