GreenMAR Kick-Off

In Oslo, Norway.

All participants and collaborators involved in GreenMAR are invited and encouraged to participate at this Kick-Off meeting.

The meeting will take place in downtown Oslo, at Thon Hotel Opera, located by the harbor and the Opera House, and next to the Airport Express train terminal at the Oslo Central station.

We have pre-booked rooms for everyone. On the 26 May we will take a boat to Dyna Fyr in the afternoon/evening and enjoy a seafood meal consisting of organic and local food. On the 27 May we will enjoy dinner at Engebret Café, in the heart of Oslo.

You can find the list of confirmed participants here and some general information here.



Monday May 26

1115 – 1225 Opening Ceremony

1115 – 1135 Prof. Nils Chr. Stenseth (GreenMAR PI): Welcome and GreenMAR proposal summary

1135 – 1155 A short introduction by each kick-off participant: 30 sec – 1 min

1155 – 1205 Nordforsk representative: Jostein Sundet

1205 – 1215 Havfisk ASA CEO: Olav Holst-Dyrnes

1215 – 1225 WWF-Norge Secretary General: Nina Jensen

1225 – 1255 Presentation of the GreenMAR nodes and partners

1225 – 1240 Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Norway: Prof. Nils Chr. Stenseth

1240 – 1255 Institute of Economic Studies (IoES), Iceland: Prof. Brynhildur Davidsdottir

1255 – 1400 Lunch

1400 – 1515 Nodes and partners presentation (cont.)

1400 – 1415 Wageningen University (WU), The Netherlands: Andries Richter

1415 – 1430 Dept. of Geosciences (GEO), University of Oslo, Norway: Prof. Jon Ove Hagen

1430 – 1445 Moscow State University (MSU), Russia: Elena Rovenskaya

1445 – 1500 Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Sweden: Thorsten Blenckner

1500 – 1515 Princeton University (PU), USA: James Watson

1515 – 1545 Coffee break

1545 – 1715 Postdocs and Researchers personal presentations

            1545 – 1555 Malin Pinsky

            1555 – 1605 Elena Rovenskaya

            1605 – 1615 Andries Richter

            1615 – 1625 Marcos Llope

            1625 – 1635 Susa Niiranen

            1635 – 1645 Wijnand Boonstra

            1645 – 1655 Thorben Dunse

            1655 – 1705 Joël Durant

            1705 – 1715 Anne Maria Eikeset

1715 – 1730 Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and members: Cecilie Mauritzen

1730 – 1800 Walk from meeting venue to boat departure place at Aker Brygge

1800 Departure Boat to Dyna Fyr

1830 Dinner at Dyna Fyr

2230 (Last) Return Boat from Dyna Fyr


Tuesday May 27

0900 – 1130 Research Clusters, planning collaborative projects and mobility

            0900 – 0920 General introduction of the Research Clusters: Anne Maria Eikeset

            0920 – 1130 Research Clusters: Market of ideas

1130 – 1230 Lunch

1230 – 1400 Research Clusters plenary session (summary of work -15 min per cluster)

1400 – 1430 Summer School on “Green Growth: Mathematical Dimensions” (MSU)

1430 – 1500 Coffee break

1500 – 1700 “The way forward” (including parallel SAB meeting)

1700 – 1730 Final remarks and closing

1800 Dinner at Engebret Café


Confirmed attendees (updated regularly)

Artemyeva, Liudmila
Blenckner, Thorsten
Bonachela, Juan
Boonstra, Wijnand
Cadahía-Lorenzo, Luis
Davidsdottir, Brynhildur
de Vareilles, Mahaut
Diekert, Florian
Dunse, Thorben
Durant, Joel
Eikeset, Anne Maria
Einarsson, Níels
Falk-Petersen, Jannike
Gundersen, Gry
Hagen, Jon Ove
Holst-Dyrnes, Olav
Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd
Jensen, Nina
Jentoft, Sissel
Kvile, Kristina
Llope, Marcos
Mauritzen, Cecilie
Mazzarella, Anna
Micheli, Fiorenza
Nicolas, Delphine
Niiranen, Susa
Pinsky, Malin
Richter, Andries
Romagnoni, Giovanni
Rovenskaya, Elena
Schuler, Thomas Vikhamar
Smirnov, Alexey
Star, Bastiaan
Stenseth, Nils Christian
Stige, Leif Christian
Sundet, Jostein K.
Thomsen, Camilla Signe
Watson, James
Whittington, Jason D.
Wilen, James


General Information

Travel Information

Book your flights to Oslo Airport at Gardermoen either directly (and you will get them reimbursed) or through Camilla S. Thomsen (in this case, the more information you have - dates, specific flights, etc. - the better). The fastest way to get from the airport to downtown Oslo is the Airport Express Train. Get off at Oslo Central Station (Oslo S), and you will find the Kick-Off venue right across the street.


The stay at the hotel will be paid by us directly. For other expenses please keep all original receipts and boarding cards.

Fill out the expense refund form and account information and return them to me together with all your receipts.


Mail to:

att: Camilla Thomsen
Dept. of Biosciences
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1066 Blindern
No-0316 Oslo


If you have any questions, please contact or


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