MSA blog epilogue

I use the second GreenMar meeting as an opportunity to reminisce once more about the MSA 2015. The summer school is now already around 2 month ago and I still receive mails from other participants (or rather now new friends?) sharing pictures or information on upcoming conferences that could serve as a small MSA revival. It just reflects the friendly atmosphere and the community spirit which developed within the 2 weeks by e.g. regularly exchanging the food experiences in the canteen (I always had at least one surprise dish) or gathering in the small university café each break to keep up the daily coffee consumption.

Exploring the MSU canteen

and the delicious MSA cake as a great reward for the successful completition of the summer school


It was always possible to find a companion for some activity outside the university building (e.g. a visit to one of the plenty museums, going for a dance on the bank of the Moskva or going for a nightly bicycle ride) and, although not obligatory, almost all participants joined for a drink at the famous Strelka bar with following exploration of the night activities in Gorky Park (which became one of my favorite parks) to celebrate the success of the summer school’s first week. A real adrenaline rush gave me the taxi ride back to the dormitory: 70 mph, no seat bells and crossing 3 lanes when turning- it made me realized how much the MSA was not only a summer school, but also a small adventure!

GreenMar at the fire fighting pub (picture from Matilda)


After meeting more inspiring lecturers (Itziar Lazkano, Assistant Professor from the University of Wisconsin, Alessandro Tavoni, Research Fellow at the School of Economics in the UK, Linda Nøstbakken, Associate professor from the Norwegian School of Economics, Thomas Weber, Associate Professor from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland and Andrea Mantovani, Associate Professor from the University of Bologna), several walks through Gorky park, some Russian beers at “our” fire fighting pub and a challenging interdisciplinary and intercultural group work, the MSA adventure ended with an exclusive dinner and a delicious MSA cake (decorated with fountain firework!).

The amazing Gorky park provides culture and leisure in all shapes and forms


After these adventurous and very instructive two weeks of the summer school we were ready to go home and finally apply our many new insights, ideas and approaches to approach economic growth and a sustainable use of natural resources. Being still in such great contact with many of the participants shows that we received the MSA’s key message: we need to collaborate, combine different disciplines and cultures to tackle the challenge of Green Growth!

I am happy I got the chance to participate in this most exciting summer school! Thank you to all participants who made the MSA to such a great success!

By Anna-Marie Winter
Published Sep. 29, 2015 11:03 AM - Last modified Oct. 27, 2015 3:09 PM