Posters from GreenMAR PhDs and Post Docs

Please click on the links below to download posters made by GreenMAR PhDs and PostDocs:

Ecological Foorprint of Icelandic Fisheries by Sigurður E. Jóhannesson, University of Iceland

Svalbard glacier-mass balance: Freshwater discharge and implications for the marine ecosystem by Thorben Dunse, University of Oslo (Department of Geosciences)

Impact of fishing, climate and Allee effect on the collapse and recovery of cod by Anna Marie Winter, University of Oslo (Department of Biosciences, CEES)

The Icelandic Seas: Describing cod long term development by time series analysis by Marcos Llope & Niall McGinty, University of Oslo (Department of Biosciences, CEES)

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fishing by Conor Byrne, University of Iceland

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